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R-sin Tcm

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PostSubject: CHANGE!!!   CHANGE!!! EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 1:14 am

Everyday I get online I tend to notice things happening right in front of my eyes. This may be minor to some but it seems pretty powerful to me.

I've climbed to the #1 spot on Morristown's hiphop chart on and have since signed up for many other sites in attempt to gain as much exposure for myself and everyone else on U.A.M.N as possible.
I'll cut through it all and make my point and then leave this open to others who wanna offer feedback or their own experience that may relate to this topic.

Like I said, I been putting in work for the U.A.M.N and its featured artists. Ive achieved #1 on reverbnation's local charts with a rating as high as 11k+ on a global all genre's category. Funny thing about it though...this was roughly done with tracks that are 4-5 yrs old. Tracks that dont rap about the typical bullshit you hear in rap/ hip hop today. I have received a lot of feedback on my music along with feedback towards the network through the hardwork and promoting that I do. I signed up for Ourstage last month and entered a track into hiphop category. A track I recorded over 5 years ago. Out of 947 entries, I placed #37. Again, the track did not rap about the common subjects you hear in rap today. "New Beginning"

Straight up, people are ready for a change. They may not come right out and admit due to so much flooding of recycled music. But deep down, from the sidelines it gets shouted by many. The world is ready for change.

I figured I'd share this with the network to show the impact that I've seen myself. Everyone can add that to their own personal experience as well.

Networking though is a very powerful tool. By promoting for the U.A.M.N, your not only promoting your own feature spot but your also allowing your fans to discover new artists etc. This network is spreading quite rapidly and can benefit everyone if used effectively. I dont know how everyone else stands on this subject..but I myself know by being a rapper from 1984 to date that I've watched rap grow from nothing. The artform, the message, raw this money greed fashion show that its become. You can check out interviews with raps pioneers and other artists who still contribute to the art and messages and see for yourself. The corporation known as the rap industry has to be shut down. It belongs to the artists, innovation, art, messages and over-all personal preference. Music is and always has been about personal preference. Never let the industry control you and tell you what music to create and put out. Thanks for the support. Please leave your feedback and share your thoughts.
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PostSubject: Re: CHANGE!!!   CHANGE!!! EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 1:26 am

Yes they are definitely ready for a change that's for sure! I have noticed something recently as far as song subjects in rap. Everyone was rapping about material things and a lot still are (guess they didn't get the memo), but now I'm noticing a new trend in songs and that is talking about "how the game needs to change" or they are the one to raise the bar. Yes these things need to happen I totally agree but I think some artists are getting stuck on talking about doing it and not actually doing it... If that makes any sense.

Russ Tafari

Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Shocked
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R-sin Tcm

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PostSubject: Re: CHANGE!!!   CHANGE!!! EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 1:43 am

Perfect sense. I'll stand behind anyone willing to initiate change to the fullest. We need to get all featured artists pushing this site out to all their friends and contacts. The industry as in corporate has already seen drastic impacts from mp3 downloads and pirated music. Everyone needs to become aware that the artists and fans are in control, NOT the industry itself. They cannot function or survive without the artists making the music and fans supporting it. I think the future will end up an independent business if things keep going the way they are.

With pc recording and software based studios, the big time studios are no longer needed. With mp3 downloads and such, cd sales decrease. The huge labels dont make half the money they once did. This business belongs to each and everyone of us..The Independent musician!!
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PostSubject: Re: CHANGE!!!   CHANGE!!! Empty

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